Shumei University, founded in 1988, is a relatively new school with about 1,300 undergraduate students. It has a reputation for providing a close and affectionate approach to each student. In the past a large number of overseas students studied here, developed their potential, and left to join firms and organizations in Japan or returned to their native country to undertake a variety of careers. Currently, we offer four faculties: Faculty of Management and Administration, Faculty of English and It Management, Faculty of Tourism Studies, and Faculty of Teacher Education.

Our campus is located in Yachiyo City, which is in the central area of Chiba Prefecture. Therefore, Narita Airport and the Bay Area towns such as Urayasu and Makuhari are within easy access.

We are lucky enough to have been able to escape from most of the damage and radiation caused by the East Japan Great Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami. We are sure that you will find our university an excellent learning centre and enjoy your academic life on our campus surrounded by the serene and verdant environment.

1. Contacts and Access

Address: 1-1 Daigaku-cho, Yachiyo City
Chiba 276-0003 Japan
Nearest Train Station: Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station
(Toyo Kosoku Line)
Free School Bus Services to and from the following three train stations: Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station
(Toyo Kosoku Line)
Katsutadai Station
(Keisei Line and Toyo Kosoku Line)
Shin-Kamagaya Station
(Tobu-Noda Line, Shin-Keisei Line, and Hokuso Line)
  • There is a free bus service from the above railway stations on school days to be in time for each class. You can also choose a bus service from Bus Stop No.1 at Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station and get off at Shumei-Daigaku bus stop
    (Fare ¥360, Journey 15 - 20 minutes).
  • The Toyo Kosoku Line runs locally between Nishi-Funabashi Station and Toyo-Katsutadai Station. However, the Tozai Line, one of the Tokyo Metro lines, runs directly into the Toyo Kosoku Line, and it makes access to the centre of Tokyo faster and convenient.

2. Distinctive Features

Faculty of Management and Governance offers

various subjects in business studies and business administration. As a basic of corporate accounting, bookkeeping is set as a compulsory subject.

Faculty of English and IT Management has two courses:
  English Career Course offers

English related subjects including English linguistics and literature as well as more practical subjects such as public speaking, communication, debate, etc. You can opt for a five-month Study Abroad Programme in the U.K. to further improve practical English skills.

  IT Career Course offers

subjects ranging from ICT skills necessary in daily life to advanced techniques such as network construction, video editing, digital designing and high-level programming. Even after the ICT boom, the need remains as great as ever.

Faculty of Tourism and Business Management offers

work experiences and seminars in various hotels as well as at Narita Airport, making use of its locational advantages. An annual overseas training programme (in Saipan) is a popular addition.

3. Courses

Click here to search titles of courses (Faculty of Management and Administration).

Click here to search titles of courses (Faculty of English and IT Management).

Click here to search titles of courses (Faculty of Tourism Studies).

4. Fees and Funding

To help support overseas students financially, Shumei University has been offering Tuition Exemption for some years.
For further details click here.
This reduction is applicable for four years if your attendance rate and credit acquisition pass the standards set out by the University.

While studying at our university, outstanding students are awarded study scholarships. In addition, those who have passed Japanese certificate tests such as STEP tests or Bookkeeping are eligible for study encouragement grants.

5. Admissions

Click here to see the outline of entrance examinations.

6. University and Its Surroundings

The University is located in a quiet residential area with a lot of greenery. There is one convenience store on campus and another off campus within a few minutes’ walk. A MacDonald’s hamburger store is within easy walking distance (5 minutes).

At the two railway stations, Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station and Shin-Kamagaya Station, where our school buses depart and arrive, there is a large shopping mall, where some of our students have part-time jobs.

7. Career Guidance

We hold various career inductions and seminars, some of which are designed specifically for overseas students. Consultations by our professional staff are accepted upon request. Writing techniques of a Job Entry sheet and a CV is provided individually.

8. Free School Bus Services

Free school bus services operate from the following three railway stations:

? Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station(Toyo Kosoku Line)

? Katsutadai Station(Keisei Line and Toyo Kosoku Line)

? Shin-Kamagaya Station(Tobu-Noda Line, Shin-Keisei Line, and Hokuso Line)

  • There is a free bus service to and from the above railway stations on school days before and after each class: normally 5 times or so in a day .
  • Due to the dearer charging system adopted by the Toyo Kosoku Line Railway Company, some students opt for commuting to school via Shin-Kamagaya Station.

9. Visiting School

Visiting our campus is available at any time, but please make sure to contact us in advance.
Phone No. +81 (0)47-488-2331

10. Course Advisors at Japanese Language Schools

Shumei University carries a reputation and credibility for its meticulous teaching and guidance to each student. We commit ourselves impartially to overseas students as well.

We have ‘Campus Rules’ which all the students enrolled at our university are asked to comply with, such as a ban on dyeing hair brown, a ban on smoking on the premises, etc. These rules are stated in the Prospectus and are restated on the occasion of entrance exams prior to admission.

11. Study Abroad Programme in the U.K. (Optional)

Overseas students have an opportunity to study English for five months at our language institution in the U.K. while in Years 2 to 4. The requirements to be accepted on the Programme are: 1) smooth progress in the study, 2) eligibility for obtaining the U.K. Student Visa, and 3) passing an interview test.

* Expenses for the Programme: \500,000 for boarding and \400,000 for airfare and local transport.